"The Mother of the World" in Second Life

Kemet is the ancient name of Egypt. "The Mother of the World", as the Arabs call it - 10,000 years of history, eternally thriving kingdom of Pharaohs on the Nile.

It quickly caught the attention of the circle of Egyptian friends in SL, when we started building the temple of Dayr al-Bahri in 2016. And very soon we found many good friends among them.

We spent a lot of time with each other, regularly visiting and had a lot of fun together. And over time, the idea arose in me to try something new that had never happened before in Second Life.

I wanted to try - in the spirit of the first pharaohs - to unite the fragmented empire on the Nile river again. Durable and firm for all time. To the benefit of all, to share the resources in mutual give and take.

Because together we are stronger than in the competition - that was my idea and that was the core of the Maat, of the old world order of ancient Egypt.

"Give everyone the space they need, and unite them all under the roof of a bigger house (Per-aa [means House-big] = Pharaa = Pharaoh) on which they can live henceforth in eternal harmony with the world."

That's how the idea of Kemet came into being - the idea of the alliance of all places in Second Life that have Egypt as topic.

And as in the real world, Kemet exists in different provinces in Second Life as well. Each of them is independent in their field. Each of them is ruled by their own ruler. Each of them is different. A dwelling place of the gods, or a dwelling place of the people, a place of the dead on the west bank of the Nile or a place of fun and love and lust for the living.

Yet they all together form the greatest empire under the sun, that people have ever seen. Egypt - The Mother of World - whose beautiful provinces you can find here.

Experience a distant yet well-known world, return home in the lap of our mother.

Ito Hotaru (alias Netjeret-nefer sat-Ra Nebet-Ka-Neferu-Re', female King of the Two Lands in Second Life)

"The body of Osiris" - all provinces of Kemet

According to legend, the provinces of Kemet form the sacred body of Osiris, broken by Seth in fratricide, and reassembled by Isis and Anubis in tender love, they are the fertile kingdom of the Nile. That in the goddess fathered the Horus child. The holy falcon, which henceforth rules over the home of people on earth in every king of Egypt (Pharaoh).

“Isis comes out of love for you (Osiris), so that your seed comes out in her. Horus, who comes out of you, in his name 'Horus, who is in Sopdet'. May it be through him in your name 'Spirit in the Djendjeru-Barke'. Horus protected you in his name 'Horus, protector of father'. She, who took up his seed and created the heir, who breastfeeded the child, one doesn't know where. The Enneade was happy: Welcome son of Osiris, justified, son of Isis, successor of Osiris." - Pyramid text 366

Dayr al-Bahri - The mortuary temples in the desert valley

"Incomparable monuments of ancient Egypt" - The mortuary temple of Hatshepsut also known as djeser-djeseru is an ancient funerary shrine in Upper Egypt. It forms together with the temples of Thutmose III and Mentuhotep II the most famous egyptian temple area Dayr al-Bahri.

The Temples of Nefertari - Dwelling place of the Enneade, Aset (Isis), Bast & Hathor

The Temple of Nefertari is a tribute to a great Queen of Egypt. There are temples to Isis, Bast, Hathor and Nefetari's Palace and baths. Events and exhibitions are held for entertainment. On the ground level can u visit the enormous temple of the great Enneade of Heliopolis, the nine creator deities. Ancient clothing preferred.

Bubastis: The new Main Temple of Bast in Secondlife

Bast is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of protection, cats, perfume/ointments, fertility, pregnancy, children, music, the arts and warfare. Visit her main shrine for spiritual ritual, worship and healing.

Kemet - Waset (The Mighty) ~ City of Thebes

The City of Thebes is home to an open-air museum of egyptian artifacts. Piece of ancient world called Kemet, known as Egypt, Luxor temple themed ambiance where you can get in touch with this lost civilization.You can visit here the tomb QV66: the resting place of the beloved wife of Ramses II, Queen of Egypt Nefertari Merenmuth. Enjoy your stay.

Alexandreia - ancient world wonder on the northern sea

Alexandreia is an attempt to recreate the historic Ptolemaic city based on the historical model as a role-playing Second-Life region with all the well known buildings and  temples, the harbor and the lighthouse as well. You are invited to don your period appropriate attire and visit for an experience you won’t forget. As you immerse yourself in the lifestyle at the time of the famous Queen Kleopatra you will discover that everything is possible in Alexandreia.

Friendly & Associated Empires of Kemet

Beloved female Horus of fine gold, divine mistress of crowns;
Turn your face towards me, you rising light;
That illuminates the Two Lands with its beauty;
You sun of humanity, who dispels the darkness over Kemet!

Bliss Singularity

A dream of beauty, peace, and meditation. Listen to the whisper of your soul, elevate, heal. Awesome cuddles, dances, in Egyptian, Hellenistic or Hindu temples and landscapes.

Alexandria AUC 754 (under construction)

Welcome to Alexandria AUC 754 (i.e. 1 BCE) - Cleopatra VII has been dead for 30 years ... 

"Witnesses of a great history" - former provinces of Kemet

Kemet, "Black Land", legendary empire on the Nile. It has been feeding people for thousands of years, delighting the world with the great achievements of its inhabitants, growing and flourishing since time immemorial, guardian and follower of the divine world order Maat. The land of the pyramids and pharaohs, full of signs of eternity, but it has never been unchangeable.

And so also Second Life is full of witnesses to the great history of Kemet from times long past. Buried deep in the sand of time, long gone in the real world, the memory of all these old sites, great in their time, formerly powerful and beautiful witnesses of the artistry of their inhabitants, and yet born and died in the eternal circle of becoming and passing away.

Preserved here as a last echo of the past for future generations. May everyone remember forever who we are following. May we all preserve the inheritance and memory for all time, against the final death of oblivion.

Heliopolis (Iunu) - City of the Sun

Iunu, which was the Heliopolis of the Ptolemaic era is a city in Kemet dedicated to Mythology Role-Play. Helios, the personified and deified form of the sun, was identified by the Greeks with the native Egyptian gods Ra and Atum, whose principal cult was located in the city.

Bubastis: The old Main Temple of Bastet in SL

Bast is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of protection, cats, perfume/ointments, fertility, pregnancy, children, music, the arts and warfare. Visit her main shrine for spiritual ritual, worship and healing.

Sekhem on the Nile & The Floating City of Sippar

The Tayamni have come to Earth from the Pleiades cluster, to teach humans agriculture, writing, architecture, governance, and spirituality. But, there are aliens and hybrids who work against them. They have built a settlement at Sekhem on the Great River, at the sight where, one day in the distant future, Karnak will be built.

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