The Temple as your venue

Like every significant historical backdrop, the Temple of Dayr al-Bahri is also a venue for special events.

Above all, musical events have been established over the past year. And both international singers and DJs of outstanding quality could perform in front of our guests in the impressive scenery of the temples.

In the past we organized therefore artistic events in various areas of the temple complex on a few days of each year with the aim of disseminating the knowledge about this place as well as the historical facts.

For such events special stage constructions and light shows can be provided by us or built in consultation with us. Of course, always with regard to the dignity and architecture of the place.

The same applies to the events itself. We welcome it very much if your artistic work in the essence has a relationship to the ancient or more recent Egyptian or Middle Eastern culture. This can be done by choosing the costumes, the stage show and scenery and the selection of your pieces of music. We are always available to discuss this with you in advance, so that the feelings of all people with a deep relationship to this culture and place of world heritage can not be violated.

illumination of the Hatshepsut temple at night for the "Day of Creation feast 2018"
Illumination of the Hatshepsut temple on the occasion of the Day of Creation feast 2018
Alessandra Eberlein on stage 2017/06/22
2017/06/22 – The Japanese singer Alessandra Eberlein
on stage in front of the stunning Colonnade of Punt of the Temple of Hatshepsut

Therefore, if you plan to use the temples of Dayr al-Bahri as a venue for one of your events, do not hesitate to contact and ask us.

We are happy to advise you in every respect.