Here can you find feedbacks from some of our esteemed visitors.

We like to say thank you to each of them for their lovely helpful feedback.

Visit us again soon, we are constantly working to improve the model.

Nebet-Ka-Neferu-Re’ (aka Ito Hotaru) =)

Hi, there! I regularly visit your build in the Diamond Decor simulator. Djeser-djeseru is magnificent. I just wanted to send some modest praise your way.~ 11/21/2022
Nacho Doge

i went to visit your build again…still impressed! i’m not sure if i found the chamber you spoke of, but it did poke around fairly thoroughly…but there is much to poke there. in any case, very nice work. congrats!


Thoth Jantzen Resident Visitor @ Second Life

Sabah el Khair – Greetings – I have just visited Deir el Bahari in SL and have to say it gave me a real thrill to relieve my RL visits but with a difference. I am a lover of all things Ancient Egyptian and congratulate you on your wonderful work in this recreation.


Isis Sheryffe Resident Visitor @ Second Life

Thank You for making it possible to visit Hatshepsuts temple. I was, excuse I am, impressed..


Justine Hanriot Resident Visitor @ Second Life

I just wanted to send a note and tell you how much I enjoyed walking through your sim Deir el Bahari. It is a wonderful reproduction. Thank you so much for having it open for visitors. I have been to the real one and really this is amazing.

Best Wishes


Ashaki Hunt Resident Visitor @ Second Life

This sim is wonderful… so very accurate. Well done!

I teach art at a college and lecture on this and other Egyptian antiquities. Hatshepsut is a very interesting figure in the history of the Dynasties, she even wore the ornamental beard.
I will be back to explore more … and will tell some friends of this wonderful build. Please pass my compliments on to your partner …


Bryce Resident Visitor @ Second Life

I am more than honored, and as a past builder (even though always a real life architect), I proudly remain passionate about recognition of history, its entire corroboration is why any of us are here today want to be close to you. So when I am close to you, even though I am silent, please know that I am smiling, that I want to touch you and that I think you are the catalyst of bringing fine technologies to our lives. I wish I could hug you, not only in SL, but in real, because you represent that hidden passion and assertiveness, that I know makes me stay awake. I want to add something special about you that I think is missing from so many.. is that you break the cliché.
Its as if I can feel the valley of the kings in your veins and soul. This is important, because if you reached deep inside me, my own architecture, my own gist of who I am and even though it lives in real life surface world, you would see a man, warm and equally passionate, caring about our history and how we should learn from it. <happy>


Cid Ducatillon Resident Visitor @ Second Life

Hi Nebet! I have just visited Djeser-djeseru – The Great Temple of Hatshepsut and I just wanted to say what you have done so far is brilliant! I sincerely hope you keep developing the site as it is the best I have seen of this kind of historical site in SL. I am a tertiary educator (Chinese language and culture) so I love the idea that this might become a site of learning for students interested in ancient Egyptian culture. Fantastic job and please keep going! Kaylee (✿◠‿◠)


Kaylee West Resident Visitor @ Second Life

Dein Hatshepsut Tempel is der Oberhammer! Megarespekt!
Man sieht leider viel zu selten Orte die so dermaßen mit liebe zum Detail designed wurden. Und dann auch noch ein reales Vorbild haben. Der Tempel muss unglaublich viel Arbeit gemacht haben.

Selvyn Kohime Resident Visitor @ Second Life

Greetings, I’ve been here a few times before and just wanted to say I like what you’ve done to this place..nice work!


King Tut Resident Visitor @ Second Life

Nice Nice Nice sim (simulation a.d.Red.) Superb I love what you did


Theo Resident Visitor @ Second Life