No, we are not Egyptologists …

we did not study at an university the history of ancient Egypt, even though we all studied at a university sometime in our lives, and neither are we all computer specialists or 3D designers.

We are trained in psychology and humanities, in biology and system integration, in electromechanics or linguistics. We are retirees, company employees and university teachers. Some of us knew each other from their normal life before Second Life, others met for the first time in the this virtual world. But we should all know and like each other in this work. And now we have become friends, good friends.

But what unites us all is the love and interest in ancient Egypt; the «Mother of the world», as the Arabs call this land, holds us all under its spell and can give us so many answers to the questions of where and why. There in the sand of the desert lies the root of all of us buried. There we can find ourselves and the answers to the magic question, why is our world as it is. Because there, on the banks of the Nile, all that we call today “modern civilization” began for thousands of years.

And so we not only began to rediscover this exotic country with its long-gone high culture, but we also set out on a journey to ourselves.

«Of all gifts that fortune grants us, there is none greater than friendshipno greater wealth, no greater joy.» – Epicurus of Samos

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