The textures of the walls of the Colonnade of Punt are finished!

We have now decided to make the flat relief’s of the walls only as black and white pencil sketches. Because this corresponds to the usual procedure in Egyptology as well as the process of creating these relief’s in ancient times (at first coal sketches were always drawn on the wall), and because a coloration could not be carried out satisfactorily in a reasonable period of time due to the poor availability of colour details and detail photographs of the original walls.

In doing so, we tried, of course, to close gaps in the available templates by inserting other image sources, if possible. Especially on the southern wall this was highlighted by different colours. The brownish elements in figure 2 are complements from the sketches by Auguste Mariette (1877) in the black wall sketch from Eduard Naville (1898) that fill some gaps.

To avoid misunderstandings, we would like to point out that all colours on the walls shows only an approximate original state, but never the true original colour. Although we tried to reproduce the original colour as accurately as possible. In principle, it's hardly possible to determine the original colour reliably after 3500 years, as it is possible that during this time the colours have been modified or painted over and many of them are faded out or completely washed away by weathering influences.

However, we think that in this way we can still give a good impression of the original design of the walls, especially since these can now be seen in a single piece, as is otherwise only possible on the original building. 🙂

2 thoughts on “06/11/2017 – dsr-dsrw – The murals of the Colonnade of Punt are finished.

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing a book about ancient civilizations. I have a section which talks about Punt and Deir El Bahari.

    You have some pictures of the colonnade in a restored condition. I am wondering if I am able to purchase rights to publish your images?



    1. Hello Daniel!
      Please contact me by email with your contact details and a list of which photos you would like to use for which project.

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